easy lunch ideas: volume 1

The Pomegranate Bandit

Going out for lunch is just not an option in my book. It’s a HUGE waste of money and calories. I bring my lunch every day, using leftovers from the night before, or whatever I happen to have in my kitchen. If I’m really screwed, I will go out, but it only happens a couple times a month.

I laughed at myself this morning as I scoured the fridge for food that could pass as a nutritious lunch. My eyes landed on the eggs, so I prepared a pot to boil them. Then I packed some carrots, but needed one more item to round out my meal. I didn’t have time to cook chicken…but I remembered I had bought tuna. I threw together a little tuna salad and boom, lunch. These are some of the random lunches I’ve had so far.

[EDIT: Check out Volume II for more easy, healthy lunch…

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