Healthy Chic: Cute DISCOUNTED Active wear


The preseason was the best and worst time for a student-athlete. The 3-a-day practices plus conditioning and weights was something we all dreaded. However, there was one amazing highlight to that period of time, a time we called “Christmas”. We never knew what day it would be but we would walk into the locker room and our Equipment Manager, John Whitford, would neatly place all of our new shoes, spandex, knee pads, ankle braces, practice shirts, “swisshies” (wind breakers), and sweatshirts into our locker in a beautiful array like the presents under a Christmas tree.

We would rip the clothes out of the packages, revel in the fact that we had new socks that no longer have holes in the toes, and put on a “fashion show”.

But those glorious days are now over and I have to actually buy my athletic gear now. It has been my quest to find the best workout clothes at costs that won’t break the bank because, if you’re anything like me, IF YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD SO YOU TRAIN GOOD šŸ™‚ (I know it should be well, but that doesn’t flow).

Thank the Lord in Heaven for Healthy Chic. They have LULULLEMON (yes!) shorts on discount as well as Nike and others! If this is too far out of your budget, I’ve found that Old Navy makes amazing active wear capris. Like I’m obsessed. They fit incredible and are SLIMMING. Despite what my body type is, I don’t like to jiggle when I run. The ON capris keep me nice and tight around my mid section!

Check out Healthy Chic here! And Get Old Navy Active wear here!