Product of the Week: 21-day Cleanse


So, let’s talk about cleansing. Cleansing is a form of detoxification that rids the body of “toxins” – harmful substances that cause negative effects on one’s health and wellness. Wikipedia even lists the follow forms of detoxification as: dieting, fasting, consuming exclusively or avoiding specific foods and colon cleansing. (1)

If you’re anything like me, all of that sounds extremely unpleasant.  I’ve heard plenty of crazy cleansing stories that constantly make me ask, “is that even healthy?” — like simply adding fruit to your water and hoping that detoxes your or taking crazy supplements that make you see the walls of you bathroom than anywhere else.

There is a product from Herbalife that actually cleanses your body WITHOUT you spending an embarrassing amount of time in the restroom – the 21-day cleanse. The 21-day cleanse is so simple and easy that it doesn’t effect your normal day. You don’t have to schedule your “cleanse” to fall on a week that you’ll be out of work, etc.

You take one pill in the morning which simply assists that natural filtration system and one pill in the evening to support healthy elimination. It contains healthy antioxidants and herbs used to promote digestive balance and helps reduce damage of free radicals.

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