Fight the BLOAT


Bloating can be caused by your body retaining water, high sodium in your diet and for the ladies – Aunt Flo (jerk). Sometimes this bloating can cause us high levels of discomfort but with these foods, you can fight back!

WATER – Your body is retaining water because you aren’t drinking enough of it. Not only will it help reduce that bloating, it will help you push toxins (like sodium) out of your body quicker.

STRAWBERRIES – FIBER FIBER FIBER! Strawberries are loaded with fiber which helps push digested food through your system.

BANANAS – Potassium is a natural “de-bloater” plus it is an electrolyte so it promotes the electrical charges in your body.

YOGURT – Yogurt is LOADED with probiotics which can improve symptoms of bloating

WATERMELON – Because watermelon ins 92% water, it’s a tasty way to help re-hydrate you and relieve toxins.

PINEAPPLES – Another food loaded with probiotics!

LEAFY GREENS – These foods provide you with a healthy does of fiber, vitamins and minerals to help you fight the bloat (and even indigestion and constipation).

GINGER/PEPPERMINT TEA – Carminative herbs (new favorite word) are gas reducers and their bitter taste helps stimulate your digestive tract.

ASPARAGUS – Asparagus contains a special amino acid that serves as a powerful diuretic.


(PS: I thoroughly enjoyed searching for “bloating” in Google Images. Gave me quite a laugh.)