Ahhh.. Rest Day


The beauty that is REST DAY. Some people do not see the beauty in it but when you push your body to the point of total exhaustion throughout the week, its absolutely critical to incorporate them into your overall plan. It’s like pressing the “refresh” button on both your body and your mind. Why do you think people have such a hard time sticking to workout plans? Because they get burnt out too quickly.

Rest days are super important for you body because they restock those glycogen stores in your muscles. Ever notice the day after a rest day you go just a little bit faster? Those ATP-PC stores loaded up in your muscles will allow you to maintain those quick short bursts longer than say, the day BEFORE your rest period.

They also help you build strength, minimize fatigue, reduce risk of overuse injuries and help your body repair itself.

If you’re anything like me, resting is tough at this point. I want to keep going and keep seeing results but I have to remind myself that if I do keep going, I might be out of the gym longer than just 1 day. Serious risk of injury is a result of not resting and can keep you out of the gym for weeks or months.

So don’t forget to add in a rest day! And make your workout plan cater to you! Right now, I rest 2 days a week – one weekday and one weekend day.