Healthy Stuffed Peppers

SONY DSC (I do not own this image. Silly me forgot to take a photo!)

Last night we made stuffed peppers and they were the BOMB.COM. Russ is an awesome chef and he knows little tricks to make this delicious meal easy!


Jenni-O Lean Turkey Meat
Diced Onion
Chopped Fresh Basil
Worchestershire Sauce
Montreal Steak Maple Seasoning
Green Peppers
Grated Cheese

How we made it: 

1. Start cooking the quinoa about 8 minutes  before you put the meat on. We used about 2 cups of quinoa and let it cook on low in a medium sauce pan.

2. (After those 8 minutes) Add the turkey to a large skillet and add the Worchestershire Sauce and Maple seasoning. Break it up and let it simmer for about 12 minutes or until almost fully cooked.

3. Cut the top out of the peppers, remove the seeds and fill with water. Let the water sit for while you finish cooking the meat and onions (see below).

4. Add the onion to half of the sauce pan and let that simmer in the seasonings until the onions are opaque.

5. Drain the liquids from the turkey and onion pan, add the basil, cheese and the quinoa. Mix.

6. Pour the water out from the peppers and and stuff them with the mixture.

7. (Preheated at 350) Place the stuffed peppers in the oven on a baking sheet and cook for an additional 20 minutes or until the peppers look cooked.

8. Remove from the oven and top with a little more cheese (yes, I love cheese) and let cool for 2 minutes.

9. Add them to a bowl and enjoy.