Why I chose Herbalife


Since becoming a distributor, I have noticed that there are some negative stigmas associated with Herbalife. Some say its a pyramid scheme, some say the products don’t work. I absolutely respect everyone’s opinion but I want to break down why I choose Herbalife and why I STAND BY Herbalife.


Herbalife bases its products around the idea that an increase in protein intake can accelerate your weightloss journey because protein promotes satiety (feeling of fullness) and helps you build lean muscle mass. One ounce of muscle burns more calories at rest than one ounce of fat. When you consume more protein, you crave less fats and sugars.

Not only do the Herbalife products help accelerate you to your goals, as a company, there is no mention of “DIET”. Herbalife promotes a healthy overall lifestyle by offering free boot camps at specific nutrition clubs around the GLOBE. There is no mention of crash diet, a miracle pill or shake, nothing like that. As a company, we promote living a balanced, healthy lifestyle which includes our nutritional products, sleep, hydration and exercise.

The reason I started using Herbalife was I was a competitive athlete my whole life who had let life get in the way of healthy living. When I got back into the gym, I was working my butt off but not seeing any results. Upon my frustrations, I reached out to my Supervisor (who was actually my volleyball coach in elementary school) and she told me about the products. I had seen her transformation (3 KIDS and she’s a fit mom – ridiculous) and I knew I needed some assistance. We scheduled a call and chatted for a bit and she was advised that I do some research on the products, so immediately, I Googled the company, looked up instagram pictures, Facebook and Twitter – everything I could and I was still a skeptic.

It wasn’t until I actually went to an STS/HOM meeting that I realized how amazing these products are and when I saw a woman, who walked across the stage, in TEARS because she had lost 115 pounds, I was a believer. I knew they were safe products from the research I did and to see how they’ve completely impacted people and changed people’s lives, gave me the confidence to represent this brand and what they do.

Along with seeing other’s results CONSTANTLY on social media outlets, I’ve seen amazing progress within myself. After I left that STS, I went home a changed person. I no longer wanted to be the former student-athlete who had tied up her laces. I dusted off my running shoes and kicked myself into high gear.

My results have been amazing and I have a completely new outlook on working out. I no longer look at it as something I have to do to be skinny – it’s my release, my happy place, where I build confidence in myself, where I see my true beauty, where I test myself constantly, and I truly believe that without Herbalife, I would have dropped out of the gym long ago. I’ve seen significant results in myself including dropping 15 pounds, building lean muscle, looking better than I did when I was an athlete and more motivated to grow as an individual.

Not only am I going to the gym between 5-6 days a week, in the spring of 2014, I am going back to school to become a registered Dietitian. Herbalife has completely changed my life and ask anyone of my clients, I’m not in it to make money, I’m in it to give hope to those people who would have quit the gym otherwise and given up on themselves.