9/24 Dinner: Southwest Chicken Salad over Rice Cakes




Just like I said in my last post, anything that has a Mexican flavor is my favorite. So I wanted to incorporate that amazing Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning into my dinner last night. This meal was so delicious!

I started with 2 White Cheddar Rice Cakes and topped it with a Southwest Chicken Salad (recipe below), romaine lettuce hearts and fresh tomato! The whole meal was 261 calories and extremely filling!

Southwest Chicken Salad

1/2 can of Canned Chicken

1 tbsp Greek Yogurt

1 tbsp Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning


Nutrition Facts: 261 calories, 27 grams of protein, 2 grams of dietary fiber and less than 10% RDV of sodium