Running with a partner vs. Running by yourself



Over the past 6 weeks, for the majority of the time, I’ve been running by myself. I really like being alone on the runs because it allows me to collect my thoughts and really dial into fighting the negative thoughts in my head or fighting the overall “pain” from the run. I like the idea of it just being you and the road (why I love running in the morning), no distractions – just you with your breath, your running shoes and maybe headphones.

Yesterday, Russ and I rode our bikes to Lake Baldwin and went for a two-lap run. Running with him is so different – but in a good way. My natural competitiveness came out and with every stride he took, I stayed within one step of it, even passing him at times. We were constantly pushing one another and when we finished out 9:08 average mile time, it felt amazing. I didn’t think I’d ever break 10 minutes on a distance run, EVER!

He’s a good partner to run with but I HATE how natural running is to him. Just makes me want to train harder and harder so that one day, it will come naturally to me too.