My Journey

photo (1)

This is the most recent photo that I have taken tracking my progress. My emphasis over the past 2 months has changed from weight training and slimming to TRAINING for my half marathon on slate for Dec 7. I am so happy with my progress! You can’t see it in the photos but my abs are starting to get that nice line down the middle and I’m seeing a lot more definition. I am hovering around 150 right now but I’m absolutely okay with that. Once the half is over, I can get back to progressing to my overall goal and then, SETTING NEW ONES! I am so happy with everything that has happened. My clothes fit better, I don’t have anxiety trying on clothes, I have more energy and most of all, I feel incredible!

photo (1)

Today, August 21st. If you have been following my journey, you know that I’ve worked really hard to get to this point. There is no miracle diet pill or miracle drug, it takes dedication to both your eating habits (supported by supplements – Herbalife) and absolute gut wrenching, shirt dousing hard-core workouts in the gym. I am so happy about where I am and still have room to grow! Today, I am a lean 151 pounds (as opposed to a fat 162). My goal is to get to 145, grow my deltoids and biceps as well as chisel my stomach.


So far, my fitness journey has been like any journey in this life. A rollercoaster. I was a super-fit athlete with 12% body fat and could perform at an exceedingly high level of competition. Upon graduating, I was a little lost. I took a few internships here and there but maintained my devotion to exercise – I would run about 12-15 miles a week as well as incorporating hatha flow yoga. Then life took over and I turned into one of those people I told myself I never would – I didn’t have “time” to workout. I was just making excuses for myself and being lazy.

That’s how we get to photo #1. Photo #1 is me at my worst. I hardly exercised, paid no attention to nutrition and no muscle definition. After taking this photo, I went right to my hot yoga studio and starting practicing. I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted but I was much better off from where I started.

Hence photo #2. Photo #2 is me before I started Herbalife in June. I was working out 3-4 days a week and still not losing that stubborn weight. I was much better off but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted solely from trying to eat right and exercising. In fact, my caloric intake decreased and I was still being unhealthy.

Photo #3 is where I was in the middle of July. I still have progress but I have completely changed my body and it is starting to look more like it did and even better. I am so happy to have found these products. They have changed my life and I’m just getting started!