“I have been very encouraged by [Erin’s] daily posts about exercise and eating healthy. it’s very encouraging to see someone who is living what they are preaching.” – Melissa English 


“Although Erin Campbell has been one of my closest friends for a number of years, it wasn’t until just recently that she has taken on a new role as my “personal trainer”, health and fitness role model, and motivator. She is always open to answering any and all of my questions and checks in on my progress religiously. She not only is encouraging but she’s someone who is very real and extremely relateable. I am far more motivated to go to the gym after work knowing that Erin will be checking in on me and asking how my day has been. I am far less likely to make a detour in the direction of the nearest burger and shake joint on my way home. The fact that Erin is doing the same workouts as me every day, really seems to make my goals that much more attainable. It helps when your trainer is doing the same workouts as you and is on the same path. She is going through what I am going through on a day to day basis. I know this because not only does she check in on me, but she also fills me in on what she has done that day or throughout the week. It’s extremely helpful having someone to report to that holds you accountable for what you have achieved that day. It’s a great feeling at the end of the day to know that you’ve accomplished something and are one step closer to your goals. Not only this, but each day you are building a better you.

One of Erin’s strong points is her connection to social media. She quite frequently posts recipes, pictures, quotes, workout ideas, playlists, etc. to Facebook and instagram. Her creativity is another characteristic which aides to her health and fitness lifestyle. I have not only adopted workout plans which she posts, but I have emulated a number of healthy recipes and have broadened by horizons when it comes to super-foods she has suggested. I look forward to seeing what she will post everyday because it’s always something I can learn from. It is refreshing to find a distributor for a supplement company that is not only passionate about the product but whose main goal is to help people. Far too many individuals get into this type of industry to make a quick dollar however this isn’t the mind set of Erin.

Herbal Life has really motivated Erin to not only better herself but to help anyone else who is willing to live a healthier lifestyle. The Formula One shakes are so versatile that it’s actually quite fun to come up with recipes. This would be perfect for someone who loves to get creative in the kitchen. With so many other “dietary shakes” it’s very cut and dry: “Mix two scoops with milk or water.” One of the great things about the Herbal Life Formula One powder is that it allows for creativity and actually encourages it! You can add strawberries and bananas to your vanilla shake for extra flavor, or toss in some chia seeds or even flax seeds for extra health benefits. If you need an extra boost of caffeine in the morning, then blend almond milk, your Formula One powder and a cup of black coffee! The products actually taste very good and it doesn’t feel like you’re on a diet. The products are definitely inexpensive when you take in to account the fact that they are replacing one meal. The total comes out to be roughly $1.50 per day! I ended up saving money and have skipped out on the daily lunch runs for tacos, burgers, pizzas, and other unhealthy options.” – Katie Duggan