It’s been a few weeks and for my loyal followers, I apologize for not posting!

I have had a lot of craziness in my life the past few weeks. I’ve not only quit my job, got another job as a personal trainer, I’m putting the final touches on my school information to start on January 13th and preparing (yes, preparing- have you met my family?), for the Holidays!

Such a crazy past few weeks. And as a result, my training has taken a HUGE hit. I went for a run on Thursday and could hardly make it to 3 miles – a distance I’ve run 100 times. Yesterday, Russ and I aimed for 3 laps around the lake (around 8 or 9 miles) and I only finished 2. I am a little frustrated but it is all part of the process.

I promise to be more dedicated to this blog because I know that it helps you guys out there! Stay tuned. I have a lot to talk about 🙂